💡 you have an idea

🤝 you want to be part of a project

👉 let's meet together from friday 24th to sunday, march 26th 2023 in Strasbourg

for the largest healthcare hackathon of the world

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Registrations are open, join the adventure!


From the beginning Hacking Health Camp build a community of innovators. Be part of it! 

What is Hacking Health Camp?

50 hours to prototype innovative ideas in health, but not only...

Jan-March 2023
4 ateliers pour préparer le hackathon
Organized in the months preceding Hacking Health Camp, they are intended to deepen and structure the ideas... to prepare them for the hackathon. WORKSHOPS PROGRAM
March 24th, 2023
Des conférences avant le hackathon
Meet the most dynamic players in the healthtech ecosystem and share their vision of tomorrow's health. CONFERENCES PROGRAM
March 24th-26th, 2023
Le Hackathon
The heart of the HHC. 50 hours to prototype an idea and then pitch it. Awards ceremony for the best teams. HACKATHON PROGRAM

Who is it for? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

For you who is...

Project leader

Whatever your profile,
have you identified a recurring health problem?
have you identified a recurring health problem?
Come and present your idea and prototype it with a multidisciplinary team


Are you an engineer, developer, designer, patient healthcare professional, entrepreneur?
Do you want to get involved in a health project?
Join us and put your skills at the service of the project of your choice

Discover the projects that will be present at the hackathon 🛠 🛠

Or propose your idea...

Hacking Health Camp hackathon challenges 💪

You have a project, an idea, let's put it in place...

How can I make my idea a reality?

It can be hard to know where to start when you have an idea. Hacking Health Camp gives you all the tools to get started
And our methodology has proven itself with 25 startups created in 8 years.

How can I find the necessary skills for my project?

Having an idea is good, but finding the right people to make it happen is better
Having an idea is good, but finding the right people to make it happen is better

What experts can help me?

Once you have the methodology and the team, the last missing stone to make your project grow is a quality network. Participating in Hacking Health Camp is the assurance of meeting the best healthtech experts. 

Sponsors 🤝



It is an event during which people from all fields come together for several days to work on a collaborative project. 
Initially created for software developers, hackathons are becoming popular in more fields.

We made the choice to divide the Hacking Health Camp in two big moments to leave more flexibility to those who could not attend both. Of course we advise you to do both 🙂

The conferences/trainings animated by the best European healthtech experts. They will take place on Friday 25 March. The hackathon from Friday evening to Sunday evening, during which the teams work on their project and prototype their idea.

You will need to register separately for the conferences and the hackathon. Find all the information on the page « pricing».

Hacking Health Camp is preparation workshops, conferences and the Hackathon.

The preparation workshops will take place on 25/01/22, 24/02/22, 15/03/22 and 17/03/22. Go to the page « Workshops " to register.

The conferences/trainings will take place on Friday 25 March 2022 in Strasbourg.

The hackathon will take place from Friday 25/03/22 at 6pm to Sunday 27/03/22 at 6pm.

Please note that free workshops (on-site and online) are planned before the hackathon. « program » to have all the information.

The preparation workshops are physical or online events during which participants (project leaders and contributors) can learn more about innovation approaches (design thinking, pitching etc.).

The workshops are free and open to all.

Visit the « program » page to find out about upcoming workshops. . .

The rates vary according to your profile. Please refer to the page « pricing » to know the rate according to your profile. . pour connaitre le tarif en fonction de votre profil.

Be careful, you can register for conferences or hackathon independently. You can obviously do both.

Online preparation workshops are free of charge.

To access the program of preparation workshops it is hear.

To access the program of the conferences of Friday, March 25 and discover all the speakers it is hear.

This is totally normal, especially if you come from health sectors.

"Hacking" qualifies above all a state of mind to find solutions that go off the beaten track or what already exists.

We're all a bit of a hacker... Join.

So do not hesitate to ask us by accessing the page « contact » right here 😉

Team & projects

No. You can come as a contributor and help project leader with their idea. Most of the participants do not have their own project. So don’t worry 🙂

You can prepare your coming to the hacking health camp by presenting your project on the sparkboard. Click here to access it. .

Once you have entered your project on the sparkboard, others participants will be able to ask you questions. You can even start creating your team and indicate the profiles you are looking for.

On the « D » day, project leaders will have to present their idea and motivate others participants to join their team.

There is no selection as such. Project leaders will have to present their idea and motivate participants to join their team.

To be sure to interest other participants, fill in all possible elements on the sparkboard right here : Sparkboard . 

Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you don’t work on your own idea during Hacking Health Camp.

The aim of the hacking health camp is to make you aware of innovation and healthtech entrepreneurship.

Whether you work on your project or not, you will come out of it with the same weapons, grown and ready to launch yourself into the beautiful world of healthtech entrepreneurship.

You can start building teams by interacting with future participants. To do this, fill in your project on the sparkboard. the table of challenges or discover those of the contributors.

You can start exchanging ideas and understanding each other’s needs.

Finally, on the « D » day, project leaders will have to present their idea in front of all the participants, to motivate them to join their team.

If you are project leaders, you will be able to join the project of another project leader.

If you are a contributor, you are bound to find a project you like. Don’t hesitate to start looking at the projects already proposed on the sparkboard and get in touch with the project leaders.


Yes, the preparation workshops will only be accessible online.

Go to the page « Workshops " to register.

Yes, the conferences on Friday, March 25 will be available online.

They will also be accessible face-to-face.

Appointment hear to discover the conference program.

And appointment hear to register for conferences.

Yes, but registration for conferences is subject to a fee, only participants will be able to access the replay of conferences and trainings.

For this 2022 edition, the hackathon from Friday evening to Sunday evening (25/03/22 – 27/03/22) will only be accessible face-to-face.

Please refer to the page « contact » that will give you all the information to arrive in Strasbourg.

Please refer to the page « contact » to find out about accommodation options in Strasbourg and our local partners.

All meals are taken into account during the hackathon. All you have to do is focus on your project.

This is also the case for the conference/training day on Friday 25/03/22.


Registration has already begun. You can see the rates and register here: To register

Careful. Registration for the conference day on 25 March 2022 and the hackathon (25-27/03/22) is independent. You can sign up for one or the other or both.

To register for the free preparation workshops it is by hear let it happen.

By clicking on the following link: To register

Please be sure to inquire if you would like to participate in the conferences or hackathon or both.

Special rates apply depending on your profile. Please go to the page . or directly on the booking page.

If you respond to a special rate you will be invited to send us proof (student certificate, scholarship certificate, employee of a small company etc.).

Please refer to the page . to discover your profile.

What are the different rates?

  • A large company rate
  • A small business rate / individual participants
  • A student rate
  • Free for scholarship students (with the code HHC2022C and on proof

See the rates: princing

Cancellation is possible free of charge up to 15 days before the start of the hackathon. Please contact us using the following form: contact us 

Please let us know as soon as possible by sending us a message from the page « contact ».

Want to participate in the event as a volunteer 🤝