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Each year we continue to bring together a benevolent ecosystem of partners around health innovation: institutions, manufacturers, funders, incubators, schools, universities, media, etc.

This year again, new health, digital and education players have joined us.

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To join the event, you can either become a sponsor or become a partner with a visibility partnership, completely free, based solely on the exchange of communications with a view to relaying information to as many participants as possible.

Partnership has the benefit of enabling your organization and its members/employees/students of:

  • connect to the healthcare innovation ecosystem
  • live a unique human dynamic and meaningful by helping to solve problems that concern us all
  • practice using collective intelligence, co-design and prototyping methodologies in a real-life context closer to the field
  • collaborate with specialized experts in their field related to health and digital and bring them into your network

About the event :

  • The Hackathon takes place face-to-face in Strasbourg over 3 days from Friday to Sunday.
  • Friday afternoon lectures, weekend interviews and the opening and closing of the hackathon will be available live online.
  • As of 2014, these are nothing less than 250 projects prototyped and 25 startups (and still other projects deployed in hospitals) which are born from this exciting process of collective intelligence and a large community which does not keeps growing year by year.
  • Voir à ce sujet le bilan de l’édition précédente
  • Also see our YouTube channel for an overview of replays

Terms of the visibility partnership:

  • Visibility swap with your logo added on digital media: website main page and screen display during live event when font changes sequences.
  • Desired compensation: relay on your various communication channels according to your possibilities (website, newsletter, e-mailing, social networks, etc.)
  • Participation in the hackathon and conferences is paid for by each participant (see the rates according to the status of each person)
  • The visibility partnership does not include a free ticket but you can choose to cover the participation costs of your registrants internally. 
  • A discount code dedicated to your community can be considered if you can guarantee more than 5 participants.
  • A intervention on our part to present the event in 10 minutes during a moment bringing together your community online or face-to-face can be organized according to your availability.

Sent gradually:

  • Social media posts and stories tagging your account before/during/after the event
  • E-mailings made available to you: Save the date / Partner invitation (with your logo)

Form of the agreement:

A simple agreement by exchange of emails is enough for us. We want to reduce the formalities as much as possible.