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Hacking Health Camp

Hacking Health Camp is the dream of bringing together health professionals, technological profiles, entrepreneurs etc. to build the health of tomorrow.

Hacking Health Camp, c’est le rêve de faire parler ensemble professionnels de santé, profils technologiques, entrepreneurs et autres, pour construire la santé de demain.

La promesse de Hacking Health Camp est de concrétiser une idée avec un prototype fonctionnel en 50h. Énormément de personnes ont des idées fantastiques, mais combien ont la possibilité de les réaliser ? 

By participating in the Hacking Health Camp you enter into health innovation and discover different ways of collaboration.

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Hacking Health Camp

Hackathon: An event during which people with different skills come together for three days to work on a collaborative project.

For a long time reserved for software developers, the concept of hackathon has been exported for a few years now to other sectors, particularly health. And by chance, the largest health hackathon in the world takes place every year in Strasbourg: Hacking Health Camp.

In 9 years, no less than 198 prototypes and 25 startups have been created as a result of the hackathon.

Before creating the Hacking Health Camp, the team took the time to observe the gap that exists between those who create medical innovations and those who use them.

Unnecessary features, difficulty in handling, non-existent interoperability … the obstacles to the adoption of new health solutions are well identified. And the explanation is simple. Naturally, profiles from technological fields and medical profiles do not speak the same language. The Hacking Health Camp is therefore there to break this barrier and create opportunities.

But beyond the lack of communication between health and tech, we wanted to make Hacking Health Camp an event that brings together all the stakeholders in innovation. From the outset, the event has been open to all players in the health sector (health professionals, patient associations, healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical laboratories, health institutions, public and private health insurers) and in the digital sector (designers, developers, engineers, tech players, entrepreneurs). It is this diversity that creates the richness of the event.

50 hours to prototype your solution

Innovation takes time, but igniting the spark is much faster. This is why we thought of the Hacking Health Camp to allow participants to prototype their idea in 50 hours. This is really the objective, to be able to start with an idea, to create a first functional prototype which will then allow us to move towards the creation of a startup or a sustainable solution.

Aware that not everyone is at the same level when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship, we also wanted this event to be a place of learning. We have therefore dedicated Friday day to motivating and inspiring conferences and training sessions on the European health entrepreneurial ecosystem. Every year, the most influential speakers in the sector come and go on this day. Take advantage of it.

But the heart of the innovation process remains the hackathon. And we know that it can be difficult to organise your thoughts and get straight to the point. Coaches are therefore present throughout the weekend to accompany the teams in this intense exercise. It was even a necessity for us that the teams could have support and an outside view from experts during the prototyping. There are many pitfalls in health and the best way to avoid them is to share knowledge.

What happens next?

It is impossible to anticipate the success of a project in the long term, but those who want to continue are not « let loose » in the wild. We quickly realised the need for orientation of the projects at the end of the Hacking Health Camp. After the hackathon, we remain at the disposal of the teams to suggest the best way forward… with sometimes very beautiful successes (which you can discover right hear).

A great team at your service

hacking health camp - sebastien letélié

Sébastien Letélié

Sébastien is the inventor of the Hacking Health Camp. Always with a smile on his face, he is the one who, after 15 years in medical IT development, launched the HHC. Don’t hesitate to ask him, he will inevitably have an advice or an anecdote to tell you.

hacking health camp - anna ferrere

Anna Ferrere

Worried about getting sluggish at the weekend? No way with Anna. Her energy is so infectious that you’ll want to pull two all-nighters in a row. And you can count on her facilitation skills to get your idea off the ground.

Mériadec Gaignard

Perhaps you’ve already heard him on his Healthtech in Progress podcast? Now you’re going to find out for real. A creative machine, Mériadec will know how to unblock you at any moment. And you can count on him to direct you to someone in his huge network.

Eric Fossoul

Product manager / Digital Marketing Manager

Martin Grosshans

Marketing intern

Claire Charlotte Gaulier


Myriam Ouddou

Facilitator of innovation

Oriane Bismuth

Facilitator of innovation

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Facilitator of innovation