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Hacking Health Camp – Hackathon 2020

FRIDAY MARCH 20th 2020 – sunday mars 22nd 2020

Health professionals, patients, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, … together to co-create innovative prototypes in healthcare.

After a morning of conferences on future of health and an afternoon of workshops on new technologies in healthcare you will start the hackathon.
A hackathon is a rapid prototyping solutions marathon build by multi-disciplinary team. Join a team or submit a project and share a unique experience to imagine the future of healthcare. Event is open to everyone who want to change the world of healthcare !

Register Now ! Submit a project !

Submit a challenge

A challenge is a healthcare problem that could be resolved by a hardware or software digital solution or both.

Topic could be : medical record, open data, care delivery, hospital-city link, mobile health, quantified-self, aging, patient empowerment, patient engagement

Challenge owner presents his project on friday evening in 1 mn and then look for a team.

You can look for a team before the event by using the sparkboard or recruit yourself attendees.

Challenge can be submit whenever you want before event started. More early is better to help attendees understand your project.

Partners give us tools, devices, data and services to help you implement your solutions.

To submit your challenge you need to subscribe to the event and then on the sparkboard.

Find your team

Before subscribe you may exchange with challenge owner and other attendees, via the sparkboard or by coming to our Hacking Health Coffee. To be informed on next Hacking Health Coffee, subscribe to the mailing-list It’s on friday evening, after challenge’s owners pitch, team will be official

Rules and IP

There’s a rule and a code of conduct for the hackathon. In brief all stuff realized during the hackathon is open-source but you can choose to do otherwise by asking the team before. However IP is not a question here : IDEAS DON’T WORTH, ALL IS ABOUT EXECUTION. This event is a new way to learn and collaborate, let’s share your ideas and listen to others. If you find something interesting there’s a long way to success where we can help you with Health Factory.

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