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Projects that became startups

Hacking Health Camp is a dream but it is also incredible successes. Successes that shape the health of tomorrow.
And you, what is your idea?

Hacking Health Camp is a dream but it is also incredible success stories. Successes that could profoundly change the health of tomorrow.

In 9 editions, no less than 25 startups have been created. Automated detection of skin problems, perineal re-education probes, anaesthesia under hypnosis by virtual reality…

Some of the most successful French healthtech startups were born at the Hacking Health Camp.

And you, what is your idea?

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They are changing health

Synapse Medicine

Synapse Medicine's mission is to provide easy access to reliable, up-to-date and totally independent medical information. As the leader in its category, the solution is 100% independent and is currently used by thousands of healthcare professionals. 50 employees and 10M turnover in 2021.


Arkhn standardises healthcare data in FHIR. They integrate hospital data into secure in-situ data architectures, using modern NLP and data engineering techniques. They also help medical teams to treat patients better and facilitate data integration for healthcare startups. 25 employees.


HypnoVR is a medical device that combines the benefits of medical hypnosis with virtual reality. HypnoVR has been proven effective in the treatment of pain and anxiety in 15 clinical studies. The use of the solution reduces the length of postoperative stay by 3.57 times and reduces morphine consumption by 45%. 25 collaborators.


For doctors and nurses who use their smartphones to document the visual tracking of patients' medical photos, Pixacare is an application that organises, secures and analyses these photos. It helps to measure and analyse the content of wounds while allowing remote monitoring of the progression of injuries. 10 employees and 1.5M raised.


Fizimed develops Emy, a connected perineal rehabilitation probe for use at home. The probe is used to prevent bladder weakness, to strengthen the perineum in the post-partum period or to fight against organ descent. 15 employees and sales in B2C.